We are glad you are checking this page!  There is nothing worse than going to an “about us” page to find a bunch of blah-blah that doesn’t tell you who is running the site. 

So…first of all, we are under the umbrella of I Have Something to Say Press, Inc d/b/a/ Book By Book Publicity in Austin, Texas. Reader Views in 2005 was founded by Irene Watson as a book review service. Within a few months, as authors and publishers in the industry informed us of their needs, she quickly added budget-friendly publicity packages. Since Irene’s passing in 2012 Book By Book publicity took over her mission while evolving into a full circle service for the community within the Indie Publishing Industry. Our mission is to fill authors’ needs, and when we find a need we fill it. Through First Chapter Plus we commit to put our Authors’ books under readers’ eyes through a monthly e-magazine directed to Librarians, booksellers, Media, and readers. Our listings are for any budget. Why choose us? Because First Chapter Plus not only distributes the e-magazine to direct subscribers, we also promote our website to make sure your title gets the best chance to be discovered. 

And we are:

Susan Violante, Editor and Contributor

Susan is the one that communicates with you and creates the e-Catalog.  She’s an author herself so understands the needs of her fellow authors.  She also contributes with editorials and articles about the book Industry for Authors, and subscribers as well. Susan can be found on any of the sites below, or her personal site. Feel free to email her through the contact tab or admin@firstchapterplus.com

Sheri Hoyte, Contributor

Sheri, brings content to the Magazine through Author Interviews about their own writing and publishing experiences. She is also the Managing Editor/President of Book By Book Publicity and Reader Views. To learn more about Sheri visit the readerviews.com website and click on About Us. Feel free to email her at admin@readerviews.com.

Skyler Boudreau, Contributor

Skyler is a resident of New Hampshire currently pursuing a career in freelance writing. One day she hopes to become an editor with a publishing company and a best-selling author. Her flash fiction piece ‘Citrus, Snakes, and Guns’ was published in Vine Leave Literary Journal #15.  When she is not reading, writing or blogging at Sky View Book Reviews, she can usually be found playing a plethora of musical instruments. Skyler is also a book reviewer for Reader Views.