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Complete the submission form in its entirety. Please do not omit anything.

These are musts:

~Our fees are low, because we count on you to give us the information exactly as we need it. If we have to do formatting or picking up the files as a number of attachments rather than one upload, there could up charge of $50 per title to cover staff time.

~If you buy a package that gives you a listing for several months, or a year, please keep in mind the listing has to stay as is. There could be an up charge of $50 per change.

~We copy/paste the information you give us. If you make an error, or give us the wrong information, then that’s how the listing will appear.

~The first chapter has to have the front matter and be in pdf. If you don’t include the front matter, it could be rejected.

~If you are listing an audio book be sure to send us the mp3 clip. Do not send us the full audio book.

~If you want two books on a full-page listing, fill out two forms (one for each book) and include everything else in the uploads.

~Your print or ebook needs to be professionally edited. We just can’t stress this enough.

~One more thing. If you have a children’s picture book it’s not an issue. Just include the front matter and one or two pages from the book and we are good to go.